Hot Sub2...need help!


I have an owner in pre-forclosure (3-4 behind)…willing to just walk away to save his credit. I have a letter of authorization sent to the lender. Payoff was ordered yesterday…avail Monday.

This guy is throwing his house at me with 20K-30K equity in it. Need help with the Sub2!

I am starting to get frantic…guy says some other people might come see him about the house on Sat. HELP :-0

get him under contract asap and record it

get a contract that you represent him…then go to his bank and discuss your intentions in getting the person out of this deal.

get a contract - now!!!


when you say get a contract, i’m new, … do you mean a purchase agreement?

Always get the contract quickly and if the person seems like a mover. Record the contract immediately. I hope you got it.



You need to get him to deed the house to you, and then start talking to his bank.

Ahhh!!! Why don’t you already have him under contract?! If he’s as hot as you say he is, that’s the first thing you do!!!


If the owner doesn’t want any cash then get the deed now. You can figure out what happened later. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep.