Hot Shot Wholesaler

Hot Shot Wholesaler

The lady down at the Title Company is friendly and talkative and always seems upbeat. She talks a bit loud and I can tell she has that extrovert personality.
Anyway, she calls yesterday and tells me my check is ready on yet another deal I just sold.

She then tells me, you know Randy if you’re having any trouble selling one of you deals I have investors that will jump all over them. I said really. She says oh yes, in fact the lady on the house you just sold a few weeks back, Martha, told me she had other offers and choose you because you seemed so nice, honest and trustworthy.

I told her well that’s good to hear. She goes on to say, In fact, I was talking to one of the investors telling him about all the deals you’re doing and what this lady said about you and he wants to hire you full time. He wants to have you work in the office with a salary and an advertising budget.
I said, No Frikin way.

She said yea, you’re a real hot topic around here. I told her, Wow, that’s definitely something to consider. Then she says when you come in to get your check stop in my office I wud like the meet the hot shot wholesaler Randy Phillips, I laughed, and she tells me, if you want, I’ll give you Rob’s info and you two guys can get together.

I told her OK, we’ll talk later. I thought about it, but, a short while later, maybe it was minutes or perhaps seconds later, I thought damn, if I was tied down in an office and desk, had to wake up early and commute & had to work 8 hrs a day and answer to a boss, that wud be the ultimate in Real Estate Hell. Why don’t you Just shoot me now.

I just booked a flight to a beautiful tropical Island called Bohol, it’s one of the smaller islands in the Philippines. I’ll be spending over 4 months with my family in a gorgeous house and on 5 acres that we own.

All paid for from real Estate profits. Let’s make some MONEY.