Where in the last 12 months the real estate has gone up 20 % +

And the normal time for a property to be on the market is 140 to 150 days

And there is and are some commercial deals as well
A low cost home is in the 200 K range and a high cost is at this time in the 45 mill range a old and dead movie stars ranch

And i just am not haveing enough money to get as much there as i would like to hedge the other properties that are else where and are going down in price just like most every where else

Iam looking for any ideas to how i can get more funds / or deals done in this hot market ?

And not one person will do owner carry as they are looking for cash most of the time to get in to there next deal as well

:help :help :help

Which hot market are you talking about? They are all over Texas. Of course, that’s because we are the #1 state:)


But this hot market is in Oregon in the Northeastern part of the state

Good to know that other places are doing some good as well

And to say that not one person will do owner carry is B.S.
Owner Carrys are ALL OVER the place. I don’t care who you are.


BUt you see not every where and every one will do a owner carry
In a lot of placs yes they will agree with you on this point as i have bought many homes this way
However in this place and there are others iam sure of it the sellers all want cashed out

They may be talked in to a owner carry if you had a person to buy there paper at the close >> but i would think this would be the only way
And this would still be a cash out sale agreed ?

:cool i just want to say thank you to all who posted on this thread

But as yet i have not recived a good answer to my problem
Most of all i was looking fo if any one knew of any new hard money places that work very fast ? As well a posible to roll fees and poins in to ths loan ?

Heck i would evn be happy with a 50 to 60 % of apprasial /sale price

This would be just so i could lock up these hot properties and get them in a contract that i could sell later or somethign like this

But this is a differant line /post

All of my current hard people want a 500 to 600 dollars up front to get all paper work moving

And iam all ready very thin on this end at this point so i would need as i said some one whom could put the fees on the end and move fast as in days a week at most ?

Bend Oregon. DUH!


With all due >>> it is not Bend Oregon

In fact it is much more Northeastern as i more like the Lagrand area

Being close to Pendleton I can see that…

Bend is still the only Oregon city to be nationally recognized for fastest growth. Somewhere between 30% to 45% last I looked. Personally, having lived in Oregon for over 20 years the only thing I think of Lagrand being useful for is hunting and cheaper place to stay when going to THE game in Pendleton.

Bend has quadrupled in size in the last 10 years. If its current growth course is maintained the City of Bend will be among the top largest 3 cities in the state in the next few years.

But as open as Oregon is I think we can expect to see a lot of the smaller cities, like Lagrand, start to grow more rapidly over the next few years.

GooD LucK! :beer


What part of Oregon are you in ?

And i am thinking more to the area of wallowa county it is growing

I’m in Ohio right now. But when I was there I lived in southern…K Falls area.

Its sad to see all the new growth throughout that state. Beautiful country and farms now covered in cookie cutter homes and pavement… Regardless, I can’t wait to move back…someday!

There’s some retirement hunting and fishing stuff in the north east corner that sells pretty well. It’s recreational, not residential. I was surprised at the prices because there really isn’t much there.

Bend is Central Oregon, not NE.

Wow. Ohio sounds wonderful (despite the cookie cutter housing - I hate those, too). Ohio is our first stop on the 12 Month Rollin’ Real Estate Tour. We’re leaving on July 1 to travel to 10 U.S. Cities and will be flipping houses in every state in 30 days or less. Check out the site:

Can’t wait to get to Columbus OH

Depends on where you are standing. :biggrin


Tartot yes bend is central Oregon but i have been talking from the start about northeastern Oregon from the start as i said and yes there is a lot of huntting and fishing there as well

And yes bend is a hot market right now as well as is many parts of oregon