The bad thing about the internet is that anyone can pretend to be anything. In my opinion, you can judge the reality by looking at the posts. If people are making wild claims or posting obviously false information, then they are a fake. There are several people on this board who are the “real deal”. I can tell by their posts. There are also many who pretend to be successful RE investors, who are obvious fakes. After you’ve been on the board for a while, you’ll be able to see the difference.

As far as tenant applicants go, I assume that each and every one of them is a liar until proven differently. Most applicants in my area are literally criminals and scumbags and can’t pass the screening process. Of the tenants that do pass the screening and live in our properties, 90% to 95% of them on any given month make good tenants. I average a 1% to 2% eviction rate each month.


I agree with PM. I never trust a tenant until everything they say checks out. I am not one of the full time investors on this website but I have property managed and been in charge of tenant screening for many years.

So no I don’t think everything people says is the truth I take it for what it is their opinion (or misrepresentation of).


I live by the motto “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” :slight_smile:

There are difinetly fakers, I actually scheduled a lunch with a local who was touting he was succesfull, and stood me up and informed me he wasn’t as good as he said he was and didn’t want to confront me.

Many have done well, but feel they can’t be beleived unless they make it seem like more.

Timelines also make a difference. months/years.

But I have done well, i am a full time investor, and am taking 60 days off for salmon fishing in alaska, silvers, kings, reds all good stuff.

Insightful Post from you.

I agree that you can sense who is for real and who is not by the way they write their posts. Pie in the sky answers to some questions will not help those in real need. I am glad that involvedsolutions is salmon fishing because to me that means he deserves it. The successful investors and those about to experience their success have had many sleepless nights on their way. Even my friends who are multi-millionaires in this business still have their sleepless nights. This business can be very humbling at times.