this company I believe recently opened a franchise here in Vegas. I am wondering about what kind of company they are. I know they have been around a while.

I was doing a deal recently and they kept calling the seller while I was there, finally I took that call and told them if they did not stop calling I would assist the seller in calling the police for harassment. They stopped calling.

If they do this, I cannot help but wonder if they have cause problems for themselves with others leading up to law suits ect?

Just curious, and input would be appreciated.
thank you,

Bill Guerra

I have purchased from the homevestors branch here in Michigan and have picked up some awesome deals, in fact right now I am redoing one that I picked up from them a month ago for 45k and after about 5k-8k in repairs I should be able to market it at 85k. I just sold one for 62k that I bought from them for 30k and put 10k into.

I dont know a whole lot about using them to buy properties but the wholesale deals they send over are great. They must get them pretty cheap if I can still make as much as I do, after buying from them.

Eric Medemar