"HOMEVESTORS" Are they a threat to the common investor??

Hey everyone, I’m from NJ and I’ve been hearing about the Homevestors franchise growing throughout the US. This franchise basically does the same thing we try to do as investors, but it does it with a huge backbone and much more financial support. Their have much more advertising power through billboards and other mediums.

Anyone have any input on this? Is there a Homevestors franchise in your area? Are they a threat to the common investor finding deals?

They have been in my town for years, and no they are not a threat at all. In fact, they help us by putting the word out :slight_smile:

No more so than Mc Donald’s is a threat to your favorite local restaurant.

They will do more volume, just like Mc D’s but you have to remember big organizations have big problems. Do you get the same service at McD’s as you do at the local diner where the owner is cooking your breakfast?

Here’s my strong suit… When you call my ads you talk to ME!!!
Not some secretary. People love that. FINALLY, no computer to talk to, no idiot who can’t get me answers, no going through 4 people before I can talk to someone who can make a decision. Don’t under estimate the power here. Use it!!

I’ve done this for a while now and can very nicely, very patiently, listen to that persons problem and adapt my pitch to their situation. Got 15 junk cars in your yard and the city is all over you to get them out. NO PROBLEM. I make one phone call and they’re gone the next day. This builds a trust and confidence in your ability to follow through. (and I get $25/car from my junk guy, he gets $200/car) That’s what these people want is SOMEONE WHO WILL DO WHAT THEY SAY.
Remember, to these people’s thinking selling a run down dump is going to be hard, they don’t have money to fix ANYTHING, and you’re going to solve this problem for them. Need 3 months to clean out a lifetimes worth of junk? No problem, just sign this sales agreement and I can do 2 things. 1) Give you 3 months to clean out your stuff, no sweat. or 2) I’ll help you clean it out and get you into your new place quicker. Either way I have a signed deal, the owner feels good because I’m leaving it up to them. And I ALWAYS tell people “my job is to make this as easy for YOU as possible, I like to keep things simple and just do what I say I will do” you would not believe the people who have told me straight out THAT is why I sold YOU my house. You DID everything you said you would do from the first time I called you.

It ain’t rocket science folks!

Look into what these francises cost. You’re going to pay a whole lotta dough for basically LEADS, that’s it. I’m not saying you can’t make money with these companies, you probably can, but you don’t need them.

There’s enough pie for everyone. I hear real estate agents calling another agent a “threat” and the one thing I’ve learned is that this business is about you building your network of people who know you, like you, and will use your services. If any part of that tripod is not there, you fail.

There’s enough room for large companies, small companies, and individuals with investing. Investors tend to specialize and have their own risk tolerances, criteria, and other preferences. It could be just me, but I think I’m my own threat because I choose whether I fail or do well, not someone else.

Great comments, everyone’s got the winning attitude !

I agree that they shouldn’t be much of a problem, plus as mentioned, they can’t cater to individual needs as good as the common investor