Homevesters eck!

I live in Kansas city, MO and this city is swamped with Homevesters “We Buy Ugly Houses” Billboards, Bandit signs, commercials, large print ads, even radio plugs. If their in your area, is the advertisement this thick? And do you find it difficult to be competitive?

Howdy Darren:

Yes they have beat me to the punch on several deals. There are two franchises here and they have some great resources. They basically are wholesalers as well as rehabbers. Just stay in there pitching and you will do OK. I did not add this to my top 21 list of reasons not to get started in REI.

The key to this is to find new and creative ways to market to beat them to the punch I had a homevestor’s franchise out here offer me $$ to work for them and sell out my company to them. And we are talking mid 6 figures for my company and leads. I turned them down and beat them to the punch on most of there deals here. The competiton is great you need to be more creative than the next guy!

They are “thick as thieves” in Dallas but non-existent here…