Homes selling for $100?????????????

When I look up properties on I see that some have a previous sale price of $100. My house also has that in the previous tax information. I doubt the house is actually selling for $100, so what does that mean?

Usually it means that, when the deed was registered, the price was listed as “$100 plus other good and valuable considerations” rather than the actual price. Most places won’t let this happen any more.

Where was this?


Carneys point Nj 08069

There are a few in my neighborhood including my house

Are you sure it isn’t the sale price from a sheriff sale? when the lender bids $100 (the minimum bid) and it goes back to them (due to no equity or interested buyers at the auction)?


Zillow is a mash up. It pulls from many sources and mashes it into one webpage. I’d be willing to bet its the programmers at Zillow who have put that in as a default when their system can’t find the right info. Some counties havent fully digitized their info yet so if you bought your house a number of years ago, it probably isnt on the online system yet.

I don’t think so since it says so on the tax information to may house which had no relation to zillow