HomEq and US Bank National Association relationship?

I’m currently attempting a short sale for an upside down young man, whose house is being sold at auction on May29th. HomEq is the servicer and US Bank National Association is the lender, according to the HO’s documents. Some of the docs from USBNA is on Wachovia letterhead. I am not having any luck with HomEq and since I do have some good lender contacts with Wachovia, I may have better luck dealing with them!
Thanks in advance for your input!!!

What city is U.S. Bank NA located in? There are a number of independent U.S. Bank NA’s scattered about the country and non are related to Wachovia. Perhaps Wachovia was underwriting the loan originally and it was passed on to U.S. Bank NA for closing. The following website is useful for determining bank relationships.