Homemade Bandit Signs?

Hello Everyone,
This is my 1st post here. I wanted to get some feedback on what people think about homemade signs. Yellow 18X24 plastic signs that say:
FAST $$$$
Phone #####

I read a couple of articles that say some investors get better feedback with these handwritten signs. I just thought I’d get some other feedback! Thanks!!!

I say it never hurts! I’m about to go and make myself some as well, just getting your name and number out there is progress in my book. Personally I’m gonna do it, the worst that could happen is I get no calls, but I’m getting no calls already since I don’t have a bandit sign out there, so theres no risk involved. If you get no calls you’re in the same spot, if you get calls, you’re better, theres no fallback either way

Hey Brian,

Welcome to REIClub…this is a great forum.

As with most types of marketing, it takes testing. What works in one area, may or may not work in your area. What’s most important is to get the signs and PUT THEM OUT! No one will see them in your garage/trunk/basement etc. Put the signs out and your phone will ring…


Hi Brian, I get an easy 90%+ calls from my WE BUY HOUSES signs. If you want to hand make them then fine but here’s something to think about-I put out about 100 every week, thats a lot of hand makin.
Another thing to think about is that most areas around my area don’t allow them. So I retain my signs when I put them out Friday night and take em down Sunday night. Except the ones I have permission to put on private property.
Another thing when I find someone elses signs on my propertys I convert them for garage sales.herbster