Homeless crippled bird dog makes $2,000

I always give this homeless guy 5-20 buks when I see him. He said his name is William but to call him Bill. He hangs out near Walmart but he’s not your typical druggie alkie transient. This guy is crippled and seems reasonably clean cut.
I asked him if he’d like to make some money and he looked surprised and asked “What can I do”?
I gave him my card and told him to find me vacant boarded up houses. In the last few months he’s sent prob about 20 addresses.
Well, wudnt you know it, I’m leaving in 45 minutes to get one of his houses on contract for $25,000
I ran it past my buyer and he wants it at 40K
I wonder how the 2 Grand I’m going to give Bill will change his life?
It will sure make me feel good.

Pay it forward! What a wonderful thing to do. Congrats!

Feeling it

Last week wen I seen bill I gave him $20 buks and he then tells me he’s been thinking of getting a scooter when we get paid.

I did some research online and downloaded photos of different style scooters. I put together a small scrap page and when I seen bill today I showed it to him & asked him what kind of scooter he liked. He pointed to a little 50 cc 4 stroke gas powered dealybob that tops out at 25-30 miles per hour. It has a seat and suspension and even hydraulic disc brakes. I suggested that he get one of the bigger ones, but he knows what he wants and said, the one he wants doesn’t need to be registered and licensed. And he’s right, only requirement is the operator wears a Helmut.
I asked him how soon does he want it and he replied as soon as we get paid. He then says, “I’m gonna find you a lot of houses”.
I cant see making Bill wait till our deal closes cuz it cud take awhile. Especially since my buyer hasn’t returned the signed assignment yet. But I got 60 days to get it sold.
Anyway I just ordered this bad ass scooter, almost $500 with shipping.
I won’t say anything to Bill till it gets here and I hand it over.
I think I’m more excited than Bill.

Keep us posted on his response when you bring him the scooter! Really nice of you what you are doing.

Today at about 4 PM UPS dropped off a big box. I opened it up, removed a lot of Styrofoam and bubble wrap and pulled out a gorgeous red and black scooter. I got busy attaching the handle bars and gas tank. I added some oil and gas and after a few pulls on the starter rope it fired right up with a nice quiet purr.
I grabbed an old bike Helmut, jumped on and headed over to where Bill usually hangs out. It was about a 2 block drive down my neighborhood streets. I gotta admit I was a little embarrassed esp when some biker types looking at me and I gave a thumbs up and a smile and nod they just turned their backs on me. Haha, But I was more focused on my job at hand as I raced down the street at 20 miles per hour.
I was on a mission to deliver this scooter. As I came around the corner I seen bill sitting in his regular spot and as I approached he looked puzzled and confused but said, hey nice bike. I shut the engine off & stood up, put the kick stand down and said, you like it? It’s yours.
The surprise and the look on Bills face was priceless.
I went over the operating procedure and soon Bill was sitting on it as I snapped a few photos. He was so appreciative thanking me, and I told him, hey, you earned it, and you got a bunch more money coming when we get paid in a week or 2.
It was a great day for Bill and for me too.

That’s such an inspiring, generous and thoughtful gesture. Thank you for sharing that. God bless you.

Bill has sent me about 10 addresses since he got his new scooter, He wud of had more but the plastic gas line was too near the muffler and it burned thru, luckily it didn’t catch fire and explode. I warned him that I thought I shud have routed the gas line around the other way.
But it was a cheap fix, however Bill lost a entire half day or more, cuz he probably had to walk or limp a ways & had to lock up the scooter at the auto parts store, ride the bus home to get his hidden cash. Ride it back and spent an hour or 2 fixing it. I feel bad, cuz it’s probably my fault.
Anyway, I posted some photos of Bill and his new scooter on Amazon, just search for Elite 49cc 2015 Scooter and read my review and check out the photos.
Hoping our deal closes next week, I’ll get another photo of bill holding his cash.
Let’s make some MONEY,

randy your my hero man lol great job!! :beer

Your short story is exactly why I am beginning investing. It offers the freedom to do things that you want to. It gives you the resources to allow you to do that. Helping this man has to be even more rewarding for you than for him.

My hat is off to you Randy. God Bless You! :bobble
Tennessee Investor

Thanks for keeping us posted and liked the pics on Amazon. Well done!

Fantastic story! His reaction will be priceless!