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Hi there!,
I am brand new to all this and I was wondering… Has anyone here purchased either the apartment house riches course, or the Armondo Montalongo flip and grow rich course?
These are the two I am seriously looking at, and would like and honest review. Do you like it? more importantly, Does it work? ANY help would be most appreciated!
Thank you for your time.

What are you anticipating on doing?

At the very least you need to match your exit strategy to the course that you plan to invest in.

Your exit strategy will typically be determined by the constraints of your real estate business (no money, lots of money no time, etc)

Prior to buying a course, do some reading around here to start getting an outline of what it is you want to do and see if the fit is right before blowing your load on something that may not be for you.

Eric Medemar

Listen to Eric, he gives good advice

eric does give good advice. i’d also recommend steve cooks wholesaling course. best bang for the buck imo

I am not a guru in this but , I receive a good advice from an investor , use the Public Library , they have different resources . I use to read some books and If I liked , I buy later and have them for reference…

You can also check places like ebay to see if there are some deeply discounted books or courses that people have had lying around for a couple years and didn’t use.
Also consider just photocopying a few pages of good info from books you might find at the library.