Home Staging?

Is home staging important to make your house more marketable or is it overemphasized?

How should one to determine the budget to be put in home staging?


 I tried staging a few homes back in 2006-07 but did not seem to get any more notice and the cost was around $1200 for the stager plus furniture rental ($600 per month) so the total cost was about $3k for 3 months and this did not include bedrooms, or kitchen table or bar stools, this was living room and family room with little trinkets and towels in the bathrooms.


I think it helps a bunch on flips.
My realtor takes care of it as part of her marketing my property.

She mostly does kitchen, bathrooms, doormats, and fireplace.

Folding table with tablecloth in kitchen with place settings.
Open cook book on counter. Flowers, towels on towel racks, soap dispensers, candles, mirror over fireplace that sort of thing.

She couldn’t of spent $200 on all of it and she reuses it on other properties.