Home phone number and Cell phone numbers??????????????????

Anyone know how i can get more home phone numbers other than the phone book. and as far as cell phone number i dont think they are listed anywhere. Many home owners have a cell and no home phone.
thanks TOmmy

I have used yahoo search for phone numbers. There is NO listing of cell numbers.

how do you use yahoo???
thanks Tommy

Hi shaamrock

how about anywho.com?

I have tried this web to find owner’s address and if they are listed, you can see their phone number, too.

Thank you

Where can you tell me how exactly

Try 411.com (free phone number search)

One of the best ways to get the phone number of home owners is to go to your local library and ask them for the Criss Cross book. The Criss Cross book lists phone numbers, addresses, owner names, etc. Smaller libraries may not have them so call ahead of time. Good luck to you.


is there an internet site that i can use that will be more efficient?

Mr. Martin,
It is usually very simple to obtain phone numbers. You can’t always get them in mass quantities, but you can always get them. Are you looking for numbers in your local Tarpon area or are you looking nationally? Is there any profile type, for example professions or organizations that you would prefer to do business with or that may make for an easier sale? Does this one look familiar? 1-800-xxx-80x9? No, I do not do this for a living. LOL. Take Care.

well i get list of people going into foreclosure and half of them are disconnected or they have cell phone numbers which are not listed. I am trying to find a price efficient way to located peoples cell phone numbers or other contact number. Can you help?
thanks Tommy

Google.com will give that info on any listed number, simply type in the number and search


any idea how i can get cell phone numbers???

No idea, but I know earlier this year that telemarketing companies got permission to start calling cell phones as well as land lines. #()()(@). I placed mine on the national do not call list so I dont get the annoying phone calls from them. Hope thie helped

This is actually an urban legend. Read the following links for more information.



Not an urban legend
i entered my cell phone data into the do not call. So dont blame me if you start getting targed by telemarketers for buying land!!

Putting your cell phone number on the do not call list had nothing to do with you not getting telemarketing calls. Did you read the articles? You wouldn’t get telemarketing calls either way.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get cell numbers easy. You might have to resort to postal mail or leaving a note in the mailbox at the home in question.

I get telemarketing calls on my cell phone. :cry:

So maybe the telemarketing companies calling me believed the urban legend and thought it was ok. :o

kik, how to you get on the do not call list?

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