Home Equity Investment Rewards -- HEIR -- know anything about it?

Hi there, I’m looking to find out some information on a company called HEIR that is run by Archie Robertson. The main principle is using the equity in your home to invest in projects that HEIR puts in front of you. They apparently do the due diligence so you don’t have to, therefore you pay them a one-time fee for their legwork. They don’t invest the money for you, just hook you up with “ironclad” companies.

Does anyone know anything about them?

There is NO WAY that I would buy a property without doing MY OWN due diligence. I also would not use the equity in my personal residence to invest in real estate. That is exactly why millions of Americans today are upside down. Finally, when someone else is doing the legwork for you, they typically earn whatever profit was in the deal.

I know absolutely nothing about this company. I find my own deals and keep the money for myself.


Not only are they asking you to risk your money on their recommended projects but also your home. If you lose your investment and can’t make the payments on that home equity line then you lose your house.

You’d have to be stark raving mad to rely on someone else’s due diligence. Do you think they are looking out for you or for themselves? Why do you think it’s in your interest to rely on someone else to do your due diligence? If you are knowledgeable about the projects they are offering, then you don’t need them. If you are not knowledgeable, then why would you invest? Because only they said to? Either way, do your own independent due diligence. Lehman Brothers, a 150 year old company, run by the self-proclaimed “smartest guys in the room”, was ironclad.

I do disagree about one point. For many, the equity in their home is all they have to invest. I see no reason that this money can’t be unlocked and invested wisely and conservatively. As the trillions of dollars that were recently injected into both the US and world economies circulate, inflation has nowhere to go but up. I believe that hard assets such as real estate, appropriately leveraged, can be an effective hedge.

Never put your money into something you don’t understand yourself. If you can’t explain it simply to someone, you don’t understand it enough to invest. Ask anyone (formally) with Lehman Brothers if they disagree.