Holding Costs

I’m looking for a complete list of possible holding costs (from closing to closing) for buy/fix-up/resell properties. Does not include renovation costs.

Looking for fixed/one time costs and for reoccurring/monthly costs such as gas, electricity, insurance, etc. Thank you.


Interest or amortized principle and interest, home (property) insurance, property taxes, HOA fee's, water, sewer, trash, electric, gas, phone line (for alarm system), security, portable toilet, storage container, office trailer, temporary fencing, temporary power, umbrella liability. 

Yard care, snow removal, etc.

Advertising, marketing, listing fee’s, lock box, signage, etc.


Gold River…thank you, that’s what I looking for.

I would also like to add a few items to the list as well: renovation dumpster fees and listing agent commissions, selling side closing costs (transfer tax, title insurance etc).

Most of these expenses (mentioned above) are going to be monthly costs or should at least be thought of as a monthly expense (like taxes and insurance). Every month that you hold the property, it is costing you. Do not underestimate renovation time nor the time it will take to list and sell the property. Underestimating holding costs is a easy way to lose some if not all of your profit margin.