HOA Sales By Constables

Do sames rules apply to Home Owner Association forced Sales as Tax Sales as far as wiping out prior liens? Or one still has to deal with owners Mortage company. Will mortage companies negotiate the total amount due?

I am asuming that one has to and to me it seems like HOA sales will be more problem proned than Tax sale properties. But why are people buying them? Any input will be appreciated.


Howdy Ray:

HOA and other liens are not the same as tax liens. The previously filed lien will have to be dealt with. Some may be negotiable but it will be hit and miss depending on the value and debt.

Some investors will buy a pig in a poke hoping to strike it big. I saw one buy a house that had been sold months before the constable sale. He finally got his $800 back but it was a hastle for me and the new owner and the investor and the constable.

I almost lost to HOA sale a condo that I owed $5000 on that was worth $35,000. The HOA dues were a few grand and I owed back taxes too. I barely beat the HOA to the sale only having to pay the back taxes the next month. I sure was wiggling then

I would stay away form HOA liens. The do not have priority over a mortgage lien or a tax lien.

I have had investors get into alot of trouble confusing these with tax liens. The HOA lien does not give you priority and even if the lien is not redeemed you will still have all the other liens to contend with because the HOA lien will not wipe out other liens.

Not a good situtation!

Be aware that HOA liens are different from condo association liens. On condos there is no right of redemption like there is on a HOA lien.

Howdy Bud:

I am a bit confused. It is my thinking that HOA means home owners association and that a condo association is one in the same. Which states are you talking about too, perhaps this may clear up my confusion.

Ted ,


And there is a BIG difference between a sale by a condo association and a sale by a HOA. The law is different.


Ted, Darius and Bud

Thanks for the input, I had been out of town due to my regular office job so could not respond. But, I did take the advice and did not ventured into HOA sales though it was tempting. Most, HOA sale properties were in excellent condition and on nice area. I have trying to study property and tax code in my free time to help me understand the issues with tax sales etc.

Thanks again,