HOA question

This is a topic that came up at an HOA meeting and I was wondering if you think it can or cannot be done My HOA would like to require any landlord in the community to let the HOA screen any tenant for a fee that might want to move in I for one do not think the HOA has a right to tell me who I can or cannot rent to any one no if its legal for the HOA to do this I live in florida


Yes, it certainly can be done.

Whether or not your HOA can do it depends upon what is written in the HOA rules for your building, or else what the HOA is willing to vote to change in the rules.

I do not consider condos to be good prospects for rentals because the HOA can cause so much trouble.

Court systems all over the country have upheld almost unlimited power for HOAs.

When you bought that thing, you were given a copy of the association rules and you agreed to abide by them.

The HOA has every right to implement this rule and can even dictate the terms of your agreement as well. For example, they can require annual leases that start within a certain time frame. They can go so far as to ban rentals all together. They are only restricted by fair housing laws. The only way to prevent them is to take control of the board. This is the main reason LLs don’t invest in condos.

Thank you the good news is this is the community that I live in and would never invest in the same community that I live.