Hmm thinking out loud

I have a business that is going to give me a warrenty deed on a house and some land the house and land should appraise out to around $420k, and there is still a 200k loan on the property.

How fast and how much money can I get for this property in two scenrios.

How fast and how much if I sold it at a discount?
How fast and how much if I refinanced or sucked the equity out with my credit score of only 601?

Those are questions for a local Realtor. Good luck!

It is going to be based off of the old supply and demand scenario. What are similar properties in the area going for. Are there a lot of similar properties close by? What have they been selling for?

From my experience anything below a 620 makes it difficult to find good/quick financing. Then of course if it has any other issues…stated, no assets, seasoning, etc.
It just becomes incresing ly difficult.

You might want to get in contact with some of the financing guys over in the financing newsgroup be careful though some of them are rookies looking for deals. Get some info from the guys who have been around for a while.

CMACONE, MDHAAS, 4EEM have some good info

Good Luck!