hmm another wholesaler....

I have a list of many many houses from another whole saler selling for cheap all of these are good deals My question is should i just sign one deal at a time and send them to my buyers? cause it would seem kinda wrong to tell one person " i want to contract 40 of your houses just so i can show it to my buyers list." What should i do in this case.


From one wholesaler to another about ANOTHER wholesaler… Let me ask you this, when you get paid for a deal you are involved in, do you care who your buyer is? Probably not… Your main objective as a wholesaler is, SELL THE DEAL!!! Since I’m sure your contemporary has the same objective as you/I, he just wants to sell his deals. Approach him from the perspective that you would like to send his deals to your buyers list, and his compensation wont change. Im sure he will be more than happy to agree to this. What you can do is have him sign a flex option on ALL properties that he has under contract. The exact language of the contract I can not comment on, but I am quite sure he will have no qualms agreeing to have you add all his houses to your wholesalers list. Good luck

dang, i should of read this before i sent a list out. fortunately only to one buyer, hope he doesnt steal my deals.
So this flex option allows me to give the address to my buyers without having a PandS contract with the seller so my buyers wont skip me(the middleman)

Yes Jeremy… If your wholesaler needs 80k for a deal, and you send it out to your buyers at 83k, you net the difference upon sale. The flex option doesn’t obligate you to PURCHASE the property from your wholesale contact, but it allows you to market it, and upon finding a buyer, allows you to make the difference between price contracted Wholesaler–> You and You—> End Buyer. Therefore the name “option”…