Hmm another wholesaler......

I have a list of many many houses from another whole saler selling for cheap all of these are good deals My question is should i just sign one deal at a time and send them to my buyers? cause it would seem kinda wrong to tell one person " i want to contract 40 of your houses just so i can show it to my buyers list." What should i do in this case.

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Be honest and tell them you are a wholesaler. See if they would be willing to joint venture with you if you bring the buyer.


o so basically ask them to be partners?

Tell him you want to find buyers for his 40 homes. Have an agreed purchsse price on each home, his rock bottom min price. Tell him you will assign the homes and get the fee about his selling priceā€¦ He has nothing to loose if you sell his homes. Make contract non-exclusive so he can still shop home around or ask for birddog fee of $1000-$2500 per home.