is there really a hml that the property will qualify for and not the borrower or is this just hype and the borrower is what really has to qualify

There are in fact HMLs that are equity driven, but they aren’t offered on a national basis…where are you located?


Scott Miller


I am aware of several programs ranging from 65-80 ARV in IL, but I’m unaware of a “pure” equity based loan program in IL—one program will check your credit just to make sure you pay your bills (and don’t have liens that could be imposed on the investment property), would that work?


Scott Miller


Any programs such as these you mention available for Pennsylvania investors?

Not that I’m aware of—sorry…

Hey EZLoans! Are there any of those hml’s that are purely equity driven in Delaware?

EZ yes i am interested

:cool HEY EZLOAN anything like what you are talking about in Washington or Oregon states???