HML's working with bad credit?

Hey guys,

I have a question for you guys. I have a credit score of 556… I wanted to know if there are any HML’s out there that will finance me for a loan?


Howdy Retlaw:

Yes there are several that will, especially if you have some experience in construction. I got pre-approved for $100,000 from my HML before I even found a deal. I was in Chapter 7 and had scores below 500. The old saying if I can do it anybody can comes to mind here. The rates are high but better than having a partner to split the profits with. I have lost out on a few too with only myself to blame and pay for the mistakes. If all my plans worked out I would be a zillionaire.

Go out and get a deal done tomorrow. No I mean today.


nothing in life is easy, if it was everyone would be doing it. its those of us that endure the struggle that enjoy the rewards, oh yeah anythings possible. A good mortgage person can get you financing and can even show you how to raise your scores to get better rates. Is the scores low because of lates? or debit to high balance, any charge offs?
Here it is and make sure to follow - ALWAY’S PAY YOUR MORTGAGE FIRST and on time, AUTO LOANS second and on time, CREDIT CARDS AND THEN UTILITIES. makeing sure the mortgage is always on time.


Thanks for the advise guys. I will get on the job and let you know when I finalize my first deal.