HMLs for individuals

So after another thread by me in the wholesale forum I got the idea to find HMLs and start doing my own fix n flips. Problem is all of the lenders I’ve found require you to be an LLC or corporation or something, which I am not. Does anyone know of any HMLs that lend to individuals?

Why don’t you setup an LLC?

I am in the works of it but it takes about 30+ days or so from what I’ve been reading and I don’t think I can stall on this deal I’m working THAT long. It has potential to be a 30k flip so if I can find a loan before I have to wholesale this it would have a great outcome for me.

I can’t answer your quest as to HML to individual rather than LLC’s or a corporation. However, I would ask some local attorneys or CPA’s about how long it takes to get an LLC setup. In my state and I know a couple others it can be done in as little as 48-72 hrs.

I must say, that’s a little bit of awesome if I can pull it off in Ohio. Let the search begin.

What’s weird about the LLC or Corp is that a HML should only be interested in Equity not ownership… I would make certain that you never have to give your SS or tax ID number. If you do then they are the wrong type of lender…

Easiest way to find a HMEL is to call the title/escrow companies in your area and ask to speak to the Title Manager… They are the ones who confirms and insures title …

Ask them who the local HMLenders are, they will know them… Reason being is that a HMEL deals with weird situations and need the assistance of a good Title Manager…

BTW most title companies have a Title manager, escrow manager and sales manager make sure youre speaking to the title manager.

Good luck


Weird! Most of us HML prefer the borrowers to be individuals. If the borrower is a corp or LLC the owner still had to personally guarantee the loan and sign a Pledge and Security Agreement encumbering the company in the event of a default. What state are you in?