HML's for Dallas TX

I was referred to an HML (MB4I) that a local investor uses. Any other suggestions on HML’s for Dallas, TX?

I know I can obviously check the HML’s off the link on this site, but has anyone had any good/bad experience with the lenders that work with TX?


try Omni Bank in Dallas i just did a loan with them

Thanks for the response. What kind of loan did you do? Are they local bank? Have you used other banks/HML’s before and what were the benefits of going through this bank?


it is a hard money loan 65% ARV 2 points depending on credit score 12.990 rate draws are free and you can do them weekly. 12 month term and no pre-payment penalty. there is an extra 5000.00 in escrow on the loan and you have to buy there builders rick policy. any other question just pm me.

Check the list. There are still a few of us making Direct HM Loans.

Good luck!

If you are having a problem with, i can listen.

Try Frank at DFW Investor Lending, LLC

Good guy to work with.