I’ve been scanning the post in this section and have not seen anyone vouch for any of the HML in the HML list. Can anyone suggest where I could find a good one based on their experience?


Hard Money Lenders are State Specific, although some will loan in all 50 states, most are in a state or region (Group of States) so with that said what state are you looking for Hard Money Lenders for?


I can point you in the right direction hopefully. What state is the property in?

Hard money lenders are listed on your states department of financial regulations sites. The one for AZ is AZDFI. I am not sure what it is for other states, but they are listed there. You may want to also contact your local title companies and see if they work with hard money lenders. Many HMLs work in close conjuction with several title companies and they also share information with clients who can’t get financing through conventional loans.