HML/Private $ in San Antonio, TX

Hi there,
Don’t know if this is an appropriate place to post this but I checked the classifieds under financing and didn’t see any San Antonio posts. . .
trying to help someone get in contact with an HML/private $ lender on the following:

The property consists of 6000 sqft residential home and 3 acres. I can purchase for $400,000 and need to finish rehab. ARV should be min of $600,000.

I know nothing of the particulars this deal; just trying to put forth a name to the investor of a money source. I don’t know how much the rehab is so I don’t know the % minus repairs.

If you can lend in San Antonio, please let me know.


Hi…Please let me know if you come across a local HML. I also have a deal that I thinkmay be unfolding infront of my eyes and I am here in the local San Antonio area.


I am a direct HML and I lend in the San Antonio area.