HML or private lender

Should i use HML or a private lender. I have gone thru some fianacial problems. My credit score is under 500 I applied to one HML, they said I needed C0-borrow. I am in indianapolis, IN, How do I find an HML or private lender that does not lend on credit but on equity.

Howdy Father-Time:

I would use whatever I could find that will work. Place ads in the ad section. I have gotten some good response looking for private money. E mail everyone you know to let them know what you are doing. Put up fliers at the grocery store. Call 100 CPA’s and stock brokers and financial planners. Offer 12% plus some points. Do not give up. Everyone that has money is looking for better places to put it. Contact every HML in the HML section. One of them will do a deal with you if you have some experience and a great deal and not even consider your credit. I got money coming in from all sorts of investors. One you can prove you can do deals the money will start coming to you and you will start turning down the money because you can not use it all. That really feels great. If they want you to have some cash in the deal BORROW IT somewhere. Go to the pawnshop and hock your baseball cards and gold coins.