HML for Investment Bootcamp?

Can anyone suggest any HML for Investment Bootcamp or are do majority of the HML ONLY assist with just investment properties? Thanks!

Hard Money is a loan tied to an asset. Why would they loan you money for something that they cannot reclaim if you default?

What you’re looking for is a personal loan, not HML.

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…“Why would they loan you money for something that they cannot reclaim if you default?”

BobbiOh, thanks for your response. I’m new to all of this and that is why I asked a question about HML. I kind of thought it was only used for financing properties which is your collateral. Didn’t mean to make it sound like a stupid question.

I don’t think the investment seminars have too much value beyond the free ones you go to. It is a lot money and you will probably learn less there than you do on this site. My advice save your money for investing.

But if you want to go than you may want to check out or put it on a credit card. Credit cards and are basically the same rates as a HML anyways. Maybe get one of those low interest credit cards and just don’t use it beyond the bootcamp.

Thank you Iron Range, that’s good information. I wasn’t thinking about a credit card. I’m finding that the seminars are free but the bootcamps for Investors are quite costly. One wanted $6,500 and another wanted $1,995. My interest is “Wholesaling” and I think I’m going to try Vena Jones-Cox because she strikes me as someone who is experienced and with easy flow information.

You can also try Cash Call.

I’m also wary of the guru “bootcamps”. I think in most cases, you’re better off going to your local REI Club and offering free labor in exchange for mentoring.

Ok, I’ll check them out (cash call). Yeah, I’m finding out lots about some of the bootcamps. I’m glad I’m doing my homework first. I’m also glad that I found It has provided so much valuable information and I am very grateful.

I’m not a big fan of wholesaling or expensive seminars. Buy and hold or rehab and sell it are my favorites. I tried wholesaling once, and I was not impressed. I made the mistake of buying 10 coaching sessions one time. I went through 5 or 6 sessions and then told the guy not to call me anymore. It ended up being the biggest waste of $3,000 I ever spent. If you have money and want to go to a seminar, then that’s awesome. If you don’t have it to spend, then I strongly encourage you to not go.

Think of it this way, what are you going to learn that you can’t learn here on this site?

Thanks for the information. I heard that Wholesaling was the best to get started in as an investor. As for paying for a Seminar, I won’t do it but a bootcamp is a little different. The sell is “mentoring, being in a mastermind group and networking”. That seems to be what a lot of these groups are offering among other things.

I appreciate you sharing your experience because it helps me as a new investor.

I talked to one person who made good money wholesaling. To me it would be easier to get a part time job and use the money to make some long term money which is buy and hold. If you do wholesale then I would try and keep the money seperate. Wholesale money goes in a seperate bank account that is to be used for buy and hold properties (which creates true wealth), or some other form of long term investments like a IRA or 401k with mutual funds in it.

Let us know how it works, I was never successful at wholesaling so I’m interested if you can make it work. I would also be interest if you go to the bootcamp and find it makes you money. Most think it is great, but I bet very few people actually make money from a bootcamp.

Yea, I’ll see. I’m looking for long term too. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try Wholesaling first. Not sure yet about the bootcamp yet. Again, you’ve been helpful and thank you.

This is the sales pitch that programs like “Nouveau Riche” use. In my opinion there are very few people that put on bootcamps that are worth a dime. Think about it…where is their money coming from? Is it because they’re holding a seminar every week? Or is it actually from real estate investing?

Hey BobbiOh , I hear you.

Sometimes I hear things like, “we want to help you get rich” and so on. They make a very appealing sales pitch to get you to attend the Seminar/Worshop for free and then hit you and the end of the session with it’s only going to cost you $4,000, $6000, $2,000 or what ever the price may be. It’s a good idea to shop around and find out if this is the best approach for what you want to do.

Anyhow, thanks for your feedback. It is very helpful.