hlp plz Need Ad for finding Lease with option to Buy/Posible Buyers

I have run the ad for Lease with option to Buy in the local newspapers. I am trying to find posible buyers.

The Ad read

   [b] Rent 2 buy, your next home call 34624745[/b]

If you have any Ideas of getting better results please help me. I am a newbie in the realestate game ???

Thanks :banghead:

Crazy, i don’t like the rent 2 (i don’t like the number).

I would say, "Why rent, when you can rent-to-own? Call xxx-xxxx

Or maybe even put a down payment number in like
"Why rent, when you can rent-to-own for $1,500 down? Call xxx-xxxx

Good luck

This ad works great for me

No Qualifying
No Banks Need
Lease Option
Min Down

It is vague but you can build a buyers list quick and have 20-30 people call quickly. then weed out the good from the bad…

I use min 5k down this way I know they are serious about possible ownership and responsibility…

Then you also have people whom you can call as soon as you get another deal in that area.

I just want to thank you guys for all your help and tips.

Thank You :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What is the deal with 1500 dollar fasination.

it is just as easy to get 3500 down on a smaller home as it is the 1500.

The only difference is 3500 makes a little better hedge against them leaving in the middle of the night…

I personally get 5k down on anything that is 80k or up
anything below that is a 3500 min down payment