History's Greatest Real Estate Investor

I found an article on the web that I thought you might find interesting.

There is much that can be learned about real estate investing from studying the careers of successful investors and developers from the past. One such example in the article below is probably the greatest real estate investor in history, and you can read about him by clicking on the link.

“There is a long list of real estate investors and developers who have captured the imagination and heart of a nation, who have made themselves large fortunes transforming not just land and cities, but whole nations into greater versions of themselves, and those men who have become more legend than reality, and history more often records only the legend.”

“As real estate investors ourselves, much can be learned from studying the successes and failures of great men, and this is very true about the rich and mighty who have excelled at real estate investing and stayed at the top, and also those who touched glory only to see it slip through their fingers.”


I sure would like to be on that list!!