Hiring someone for putting up bandit signs

Guys, has anyone ever hired someone to put up bandit signs ? If yes how did you pay them ? Was it by hour or was it by job ? I am planning to hire someone, but to start with I have only 20- 25 signs which might take maximum hour to put up and then maybe 45 minutes to take them down. However I have no idea of how much I should pay them. Any advice will be helpful.


Considering that most of the signs will probably be picked up by the “signs police” (i.e. city inspectors and other officials), you might have to worry only about having the signs put up.
I would also do it on a Friday evening, since you have better chance that they will stay in place at least over the weekend.
I have paid $15 per 10 signs, including gas expense. You might want to also do a random drive and make sure the job was actually done (meaning that the signs are up :cool)

For 20-25 signs, I would put them up myself. When you get to 100+ signs then it might be cost effective. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to establish ideal locations to your signs. But 25 signs, they’ll probably be gone within a day or two.

Thanks Laura, I think that sounds reasonable.

Thanks moziah1 for the response. I think you are correct the issue with my situation is that I am out of town most of the time on fridays and sat mornings, by hiring somebody I can at least say that the job is being done.


I hired someone who put them out friday and took them down sunday night. He lasted 3 weeks and quit, I paid him $1.50 per sign. I could’be paid more but I think he would’ve quit anyways. Most of the signs I done I have left them up but this was a strict area so I decided to try the weelend thing. Ididnt get a deal but you more then 3 weeks to have a fair sample. I have posted almost all my signs and this is one of those things where is"never hire someone to do a job that can’t do it as good as you". It may sound simple to some but there’s a strategy to this …such as what kind of sign to use, what locattions, how many to put out without pissing of the town? I would love to hire someone someday but right now I will keep on dfoing it myself because it has paid dividens.

I answered this question in another thread…


That works fine! You can be even smarter with it by having them fill out an
application, affix the bandit signs to the wood or wire stakes, and place them
for you.

The difficulty is in being assured that they place the signs in the correct location.
Remember, these people don’t know and understand the biz like we do so we
need to help them out, otherwise we just buy a lot of waste.

You can map it out for them using Microsoft Streets and Trips. The software will
allow you to grid out your farming area and place pins where you want your
employee to place the signs for you. It will show STOP signs, Intersections, Wal-Marts,
gas stations, Targets, schools…all the places where “eyeballs” go.

As for compensation, $1 a sign is reasonable but gas in a killer nowadays. Let’s
assume 50 signs takes about 4 hours to place, I’d rather pay them $50-60 for everything.
Remember, they are also going to place signs of stakes for you and place them exactly
where you want them to go. The people who have worked for me usually make it a family
affair and have either their spouse or kids helping them out, so they get done a lot quicker.

As for analytics (tracking) I look at my email inbox to tell me if the signs are working plus a
pic of the sign. Do I actually look at the pics…NO, but it helps keep them honest….enough.

I like this model because I don’t have to place signs myself, however as long you don’t mind
waking up at 2:00 A.M. go for it!

To be real with everyone, I’m embarrassed to put them out myself. I also can’t stand the way that they make my city look - BUT THEY WORK! Our company grossed about $60k last year from the use of bandit signs.
I pay a friend of mine $1 per sign and give her a route to follow. I have full trust so pay with no issues.
Before, I have paid $1 per sign, but had an exact route mapped out as well as required them to take digital photos before I would pay them.