Hiring a Researcher or a Skip Tracer to locate owners

have been thinking about hiring someone to do my research, and find owners of vacant or abandon houses, people in collections do this daily…

the hard to find owners have newer or lazier (like me, lol) investors falling to the wayside! the best and fattest deals are the ones that take months to find!

was wondering if anyone has considered this before?


I haven’t done it yet… but probably will… Ron LeGrand teaches it in his material… and I’m sure alot of others do it as well… especially wholesalers. You may want to try www.findtheseller.com

Good Luck

Finding a property owner is fairly easy. Most title companies, for example First American and Chicago, have online services that you can subscribe to that allow you to input the property’s address and you get a property profile. The profile may include the owner’s name, but most always will include that address to which the property tax bill is sent. This address is almost always the owner’s address. Sometimes, this tax address is the property’s address, but not ususally.

This does not always work because the title companies get this information from the county recorder’s or assessor’s office. The information is usually accurate, but not 100% of the time.