Hireing birdogs/training kit

I am looking to systemetize hireing birddogs.Any suggestion.Does any one have a training manual ect to handout to birddogs?

Thank You

Well, what I do is after running a short craigslist ad seeking property locators, I talk to them each on the phone then if they are serious, I copy the link to Barry Grimes article here for bird dogging 101 and send them that to get started. I wait one or two days, then send them his entire ebook on the subject then. I have had 11 so far respond and 7 of these started sending me leads and they really didn’t have any questions after that. I ran the ad for 1 week and it was free. Utilize the resources that you have access to for FREE, don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to! Good luck, -Timo :beer

I have had a ton of success giving people my website, my signs and my cards to use as there own, plus I give them my guide of what to look for in a decent property along with inspeciton cheat sheet, that allows them to view properties and take notes so that I dont end up wasting my time on bad property showings. I have also used craigslist as mentioned above.

Eric medemar

Hello Timo
I am a beginner to real estate investing. I would like to know where I could get the information to Barry Grimes link Bird Dogging 101.