High End Houses

Does any one have an idea of the best way to market to owners of high end homes.

Heres the skinny on high end homes, in my area that would be anything from 800K+, yours might be different.

People in expensive homes are facing the same situations that people with lower priced homes are facing, just with more zeros.

I honestly just typed a long responce to your question and acsidently deleted it… :banghead

Bottem line you better have your stuff together, and being BRUTALLY HONEST with them will help position you as “the guy”. NO BS, just facts and be able to back up your facts with evidence, ie; CMA, testimonials, laws, legislation, sales price, etc…

As far as marketing think of your end client, they can afford a computer right? Bet they use google when they have an issue and need assistance. Not a bad idea to buy a list of homes that are in that high end price range that were purchased in the last 2-3 years, and mail them with a system (and it better look professional).


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John $Cash$ Locke

If you are selling something BIG, think BIG too… if you are aiming at doubling your profit, then double your efforts too. :slight_smile:

No offense meant, high end / luxury houses are a big no no to me… not with Obama coming to white house.