High BPO: Little time

EMC came in with a high BPO. Actually it was very accurate (unfortunately). Home is valued at 160, BPO came in at 160. EMC negotiator called me and said I needed to come up with an offer closer to said amount. My initial offer was 81 k. Home is going to auction on May 31.

In my few previous approved short sales, I had always had low BPOs. What do the experts do with a high BPO and such little time.

Thanks for your input/advice.


Well- what did I do you ask?

I emailed the negotiater explaining to her the reasons why the homes current condition did not justify a value in the neighborhood of 160.

A few items in particular were a leaky roof, soiled carpets and damaged walls, presence of mold, plumbing attention needed in the kitchen and the continued increase in homes for sale in Tucson(now 10,000+)

I dont know if its good or not but I did not come back with another counter. Id really like her to come back with another number first. Ill let you guys know what happens.

Gregg Tucson