Hello everyone! I’m a new member of this forum . i would like to participate to this forum . i hope you to share my ideas! i hope i get good response.Thanks

Hello, and welcome.

Welcome to the forum…


Newbie here… I’m Amanda of Cincinnati, I’m glad to be part of this community also.

Welcome rajurohtagi and amandapage22!

We look forward to your involvement in the Forums. :beer

Hello guys!!
I am also a newbie here…
I know forums are the best place
where you can learn and share helpful tips and information…
So i hope to learn and share here…

newbie hear to I hope to sea ever one in the forms two :bobble


New to this forum however I’ve been in the REI game for 7 years. I’m here to help.

Welcome to this forum. I am new as well.

Everybody started out new here once. You newbies become experts by reading and doing. Please share your stories. Your stories and strivings motivate all of us.