Over 200 and nothing? Made any offers? What is your criteria or formula that is keeping you from getting in the game? If I looked at 200 homes and had zero prospects I wouldn’t quit my day job. No offense, those numbers are just staggering to me.

Jared :deal:

First all you shouldn’t be looking at properties that don’t cash flow before you view them. That would have saved you about 180 trips to properties.

And your friend’s banker should also tell you that banks only loan money to people who don’t need money. Their guidelines are too strict for creative investing.

I have done many no money down deals in so many different ways.
I think 10 so far just this year. I have lost count at the moment.

I have taken 3 people in my area and walked them through NO MONEY DOWN DEALS. step by step.

My only fee is the commission I get when they buy a property. and so far those 3 people have bought 6 properties. ALL 100% financed.

Your friend’s way is not the only way. Keep asking for help. On the boards, from investors…anywhere. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.