Hi, I'm sort of new. I have questions

Hi I am a real estate agent who has completed to transactions with banks. One was an REO property and the other was a well negotiated short sale. I am confused on what is bird dogging? How much do you offer the judgments? The short sale had a tax lien, mortgage 1, mortgage 2, judgment 1, judgment 2 plus a promissory note. All totaled There was $205K against the property and I bought it with my friend who holds the second for $138K. We will rehab it and split the profits. I negotiated the two judgments off the property for $2750. They were about $18 K. Sister got off the property without money.

To answer your question about birddogging. It’s locating a property for an investor and them paying you a fee (usually $500-$1000) when they close.