HI. I'm in CAli..How do I (re-)assign a property? Do a short sale?

Ok. Put on your seat belt this maybe the stupidest question that you’ve heard yet. We find pleanty of houses and we do value, loan, lein, construction etc…checks on them and we need help.
How do I re-assign, or assign a property while not using money? How can I take a (for example) $100k priced prop worth $300k with the goal in mind to sell it for $150k a $50k profit, but without buying it, just doing paper work?
I want to do paper work, or get temporary power of the property and make it available to possible buyers in the same day, but with no money. Does anyone know what contract, or paper work I would have to do for this, or would I normally have to get the power to sell it like it was mine only after i get a mortgage and co-signer or something like that?
What am i missing? like I said, it may be stupid and I could be missing the easiest concept. Just help me if anyone had any tricks.
And if anyone could contact me by my private email then let me know and i would be very greatfull, even if i could get an email for this in particular, or a hotline # for someone to help walk me through it.
ps: we have put together a great bird dog team and are looking for investors to take advantage of our skills so we can get up some investment money as well.
thank you all.
Eric mol.
pss; I would love to give out my personal # for direct help. Advice to me may not seem much to someone out there, but I would be very greatfull as I am homeless at the moment and have been homless since 1996 and a little advice may help to break the homeless run.