Hi Everyone

Just want to everyone know I am new at this post and want to be a real estate investor. :biggrin :biggrin

Welcome :beer


And be prepared to ride the waves of RE market. :bigthumbup

Hi. I’m also new to the forum. Any advice for a rookie looking to do a wholesale flip? I’m not finding any good deals that look like they could make money…which I’m a little short on at the moment.

Hi I’m sort of new here too. New to forums and new to the internet. I’ve found this particular forum to have the most specific, different, and well organized categories. I’ve also found that some of the members on here really seem to know their stuff! Reviewed a lot of posts and have gathered a lot of technical and detailed answers to very specific questions…Just a great place to learn from real people who are in the trenches doing real estate day in and day out. Hope you find it as useful as I have. Good luck in all your RE projects!