Hi Everyone!!

Hi Guys,

Mike Perry here :biggrin I’m not really a realtor or a broker but I’ve always been a fan of badass agents and is an avid viewer of “Property Wars” and “Million Dollar Listing”. I’m actually thinking of becoming one someday!!

By they way, I have something that can help realtors gain online visibility and raise the chance of accumulating some good leads. Feel free to shoot me a message or comment below.

Thanks Guys!! :cool



I be not an investor, nor am I be a real estate agent, or ain’t not a broker, but I do be lovin’ my realtors and brokers, because they are badass.

Did I mention that I be lovin’ them so much, that I are thinkin’ that I would join ya’ll in brokerin’ and agentn’ sometime not too far in the future?

Just a kiddin’. I’m not interested one bit in doins’ ya’ll’s crap, cuz I’m like the shovel salesman at a gold mine, possums. And do I have a shiny shovel for you.

It can dig and dig and dig up all sorts prospects for ya. Just pop me a line, and I’ll fo sho be calling ye back with my ‘snake o…’ I mean money-making opportunity.

Ya’ll come back now. Ya hear?

Hi Mike Perry, I’m also a fan of “Property Wars” and “Million Dollar Listing”. Such a good tv series! :smiley:

Hi Mike