hi all!

Hi there, new member in upstate NY (Albany). About a year ago I bought a duplex (live in one half rent out the other, cheaper than renting, its great!). I would love to get another, and another, but am looking for better financing options than the FHA mortgage I have now. It was so stressful trying to meet the standards of the appraiser from FHA, they wanted so much done before I even owned the place! I don’t mind fixing up the place, but it sucks to have to work on it before it is even yours.
So the thing is that I am definitely interested in owning more property, but don’t have enough for a downpayment on another, so what other financing options are there with very little down? I have heard about seller financing, but where do you find sellers willing to finance? Real estate clubs? Any advice would be most appreciated.


Bill Regan



  Where abouts in Upstate NY are you? I am just outside of Schenectady! I have been Listening to a course By Joe Crump that would be very interesting to you. It will give you some Very good Ideas regarding financing options.