Hey.....Hoosier4life2005.......I found you a car!!!


Coming in 2012 to a Ford dealer near you!!!

Just one model in an ONSLAUGHT of new iron heading here from Ford Europe!!

Fords sales compared to the last 2 years are going to EXPLODE when these cars arrive!!

That’s a nice lookin’ ride. Will the same car arrive here? Or will it be some watered down version due to labor cost?

No more watered down FORDS…

That car was built in Europe…It was brought over by FORD for a REASON.

This is what I’ve been writting about. The new Fords people will start seeing over the next 2 years WON’T be like anything they have ever experienced before.

Great styling

Great handling

Excellent reliablity

Phelmboy nailed it in the other post…

Ford doesn’t have to beat Toyota…

They just need to beat Ford… Circa 2008-2009!!!

When those sales numbers start moving UP, that stock is going to FLY!!!

Yeah, not to shabby!!! Im gonna go test drive some stuff this weekend as you said.

BTW, Jake. Where you from? Canada or… Flordia? By some of your posts you talk about OUR country (which makes me think ur American) but then you talk like your from Canada on another post. Just wondering.

Living in New England.

Born in California.

100% proud American citizen. Even if I don’t agree with everything I see here. There’s no other place I’d rather live.