Hey FORUM people anybody in Chicago?

Hey forum people- I am really happy that I stumbled onto these forums! I can tell that this is a great community and have already learned much… :beer

I am new to this game and am looking to flip a house in the next year or so, is anybody in the Chicagoland area?

Anyway carry on I have a lot to read and hopefully down the line I will be able to contribute what I learn!!






We’re glad to have you here…i think. Might want to look at Forum rules before posting though. 2 links in signature is not acceptable. I will delete them and then you can add the one that you want back.

ok my bad…thanks Mdhaas

In that case, you can ignore the PM I sent you for the same thing…

Keith - another Moderator

Now that you made it through all of that…WELCOME!! :beer

Yeah…what Mark said!

Welcome - enjoy!


Sorry took me a while, but I am in Chicago. There are many great investors in the Chicagoland area. Do you attend any local REI Groups?

There is one tonight actually - WCRT

The CCIA meets the 3rd Sundays of the month so that is a few weeks off.

Both decent, but different.