He's using Hypnosis on his Sellers

I’ve been doing Real Estate investing for a bit over a year and a half now and even though I’ve done a handfull of successful deals, I’m just not satisfied with my bottem line. In fact, far from it.

I been buying and reading every book I come across and am still buying courses. So although I have the basic techniques down, I feel I can dramaticaly increase my profits by learning sales, and negotiation methods, and I have read several great books.

While searching online for more info on salesmanship, I came across a course called “Conversational Hypnosis” Guaranteed to get the girl of your dreams, increase your wealth and health in all your dealings with people.
The course is taught by a Board certified Hypnotherapist and it was only $17 buks. It’s really fasinating. its all MP3’s and included with a written transcript.

The crazy part is, this instructor has been paid mega buks to teach these methods to car salesman, Realtors, also insurance and appliance salesman and etc.
Which for me is quite disturbing knowing that I cud have been manipulate for years.
But actually, this isn’t absolute mind control. Your sellers wont be in a trance. It’s more like a subtle influence. It’s really exciting stuff. However, I wrestle with the potential moral and ethical problems that may arise within myself.

But, I honestly believe as long as Im offering a fair price to my buyers and sellers and everybody benifits, then what the heck?

Would this be a tactic you would use ??

Randoskie, look deeply into my eyes… deeply… deeply… you’re getting sleepy …sleepy …now you see a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow… you see a pot full of real estate deals… you want that pot of deals. You are now pulling out your credit card and buying my real estate course. See it. You pick it up and feel the energy. It’s lovely and profitable. And it’s only $997 plus tax and shipping!

Just kidding!

Negotiations are very much like hypnosis. The issue is, if the prospect wants to be hypnotized, or not. I’m not talking about some weirdo thing, but just about giving the prospect what he wants. What is that?

Its a transformational experience/event… debt relief; pride of ownership; success; some problem solved by what we offer, or some combination. The better we match our solution to the problem, the more hypnotic we become…

Barney Zick’s a good source on this. In fact, he interviews a car dealer to discuss the ways to deal with the slick tactics they use on potential customers (and how to get the price we want).

The thing that separates us from the con men in ‘hypnotic’ negotiations, is not whether we’re using ninja hypnotic negotiations, or not, but our willingness and ability to remain truthful.

Of course being ‘honest’ doesn’t mean giving away our position, or undermining our negotiation tactics. It is about sticking with the script.

In my entire three and a half weeks as a negotiator, I’ve found that sellers routinely lie their faces off in negotiations. It’s up to us to trip them up, and use their lies against them to get what we want …and help the seller get what he needs. It’s win/winish.

That said, you know the ones that get taken to the cleaners the most often?

It’s the folks that demand something for nothing. They’re the same ones that buy lottery tickets; bet on horses; are at the casinos once a month, and what not.

Which brings me to my last point. Timing is everything. It’s amazing what negotiation geniuses we become when we sift our prospects down to the most motivated.

One way I’ve found to do this is to put a barrier up, that motivated sellers have to overcome just to talk with me. Of course, I’ve put the most specific, tailored bait out for them to bite on, but they’ve got to ‘do something’ in order to get in touch with me. I don’t reach out and do any touching, in the meantime.

This could be illustrated by that insurance ad where the guy is offering their client a discount on their insurance by dangling a dollar bill on the end of a fishing pole. Every time the customer reaches for it, the guy pulls up on the fishing pole, and they can’t quite grab the bill.

The difference is that we let the prospect catch our dollar, but it comes with US attached. Meantime, the unmotivated prospects won’t reach for the dollar. They just stare at it, and then kick themselves, because it’s not a $100 bill. Yeah, well we sift out the ‘something for nothing’ prospects that will waste our time.

Anyway, that’s my take on it.

there is always room for learning new things in life… new skills can only help you become a more rounded person not only in business but in your personal life as well…

the problem comes when you have the belief that the next great product/book/seminar/guru will change your life…

If you think things could be better in your business, it may be due to the fact that you are doing something wrong or possibly very little of the important things you really need to do… i.e marketing… I might be wrong, but it has been my personal experience and that of others of blindly buying everything, thinking that finally there is a product that will magically help you make truck loads of money.

to answer your questions… If you are genuinely helping people out, i don’t see any ethical or moral issues with it.

A lot of the books and programs available today to not present a clear picture of what it takes to be in real estate. They are going to paint a quick money for little effort picture that gets you motivated. But the reality with real estate is that is is often feast or famine.

If you keep spending your hard earned money buying course after course, you will never really get into real estate - you are just reading about getting into real estate. I bet you have enough basic knowledge to jump in and get it done.

Set you own path. Write your own business plan. Create your own motivational system and ‘get’er done!’

Thats for sure, how many courses do I need on wholesaling and Lease Options and Subject to?
And I had no idea how much work it can be, but I just started delegating some of the work, I got my bird dogs doing more, I have them take photo, and trace the owners. I got a sister hand writing my yellow letters for 25 cents each. I got some realtors looking for fixers for me…

Seems to me like another Guru desperate to sell his books/programs claiming it to be hypnotic because most people would believe in effectiveness of such techniques.

Actually, it is very effective, and used not only by salesmen but also Government law enforcement agencies. Some of the sessions are for self improvement, using self Hypnosis. If you doubt the power of your mind on your success or lack of, then you need some schooling.

No. I don’t think I would ever use that. That’s a little ridiculous. Just not right.

As I get further in my hypnosis course its really scary how this power can be used to influence people. The instructor’s main focus is on selling but goes on to say how people are using this knowledge for dating success, getting out of traffic tickets, and trial Attorney’s are using this to sway jury’s and Judges.
It would be benificial for an employer to know these tactics to get more work out of their workers. I can be used to influence an employer to giv u raises and preferred treatment.Teachers could use this to control his students, for better grades, cooperation etc. Doctors can use this power to aid patients recovery time. Real Estate Investors can use this power to get a lower price from sellers and a higher price from his buyers. Another chapter teaches you how to get more friends and become more popular. A husband and wife can use this on each other to get what they want, without the other knowing.
A Presidential candidate could use these powers with TV to sway reporters and get massive contributions and hpnotize the masses to get elected and re-elected, Wait, I think that just happend.

Javipa brought up something I’ve been considering trying. Putting up a “barrier” in order to weed out the less than motivated. I’ve tossed around the idea in my head, of answering the phone when it rings, but telling the potentially motivated seller that I’m with a client, and they would be doing me a huge favor if they’d call back in two hours.

Obviously a motivated seller would be happy to call back, but if someone is just price checking their house, they’d be less likely to call. Of course, I’d track those that didn’t call back, and follow up with them in a week or two. But this way I could focus my immediate energy on calls that have gone through one more step as being qualified as “motivated,” and if I have a day where my phone seems dead, cold call those who never called me back.

Has anyone implemented something similar, or have any feedback?