He's Lost his Mind and Making Billboards

I’ve been building some mini billboards with plywood, 2/4’s, bright yellow background an black paint lettering with huge 8" letters. The signs are 32" by 48" and stand about 5’ tall.

I’ve been putting them up around town in empty corner high traffic lots. I’ve put out 6 so far. And So far I’ve had 2 calls to remove them.

I went over and got one, and then put it in a new location, afterwards I thought, I shud of asked to rent that spot.

The second caller had left a message to remove my sign, I called him back and offered to rent the lot. He actually said yes he cud do that.

He tells me he wud do it for $40 a month. I told him wow, that’s a bit steep, How bout 20 buks and I’ll give you a year in advance.

He then tells me he’s not sure if he can do a year cuz he dont know if he’s going to sell the lot or not.

He then suggested $25 a month for 6 months. I told him yea, that wud work.

Wer supposed to meet Monday to hammer out the deal and I will write up an agreement and have him sign it.

Since I’m paying for the spot I’m going to make the sign much nicer with a better heavier duty 4/4 stand. I will also make a nice frame to go around the perimeter.

Maybe I can figure out how to light it up at night with some LED lights and a battery. Maybe xmas lights. Haha

Since I made 8 Grand off of a $3 bandit sign last month I’m gonna do some more sign marketing, just on a bigger scale. I’m spending about $25 to build each one cuz I’m doing every thing my self.

But, Wudnt it be a kick if they pay off?
Let’s make some MONEY… Rando

$25 lot, empty lot? there is no such thing where I live. :banghead
Times 10 and I might get a spot.