He's Got a Real Estate Groupie

I never had any action when I was a lowly Finish Carpenter for 30 frikin years.
But since I started wholesaling Real Estate, I have come across several girls half my age who are open to more than just real estate.
Currently I’m being invited to Cheryl’s home to help her with getting started wholesaling & after hours.
These Single mothers are too friendly, I’m flattered and I hate to admit it, have been friendly with a few.
Can you spell lawsuits, divorce, mayhem?
Has any other investors experienced this?

All I know is that if it goes south lock yourself in a bathroom and call the cops. Rick James did this to prove he did assault anyone. :flush

It’s ‘really’ stupid to ‘end up’ for any reason inside a woman’s/girlfriend’s house …unless there is a third person present the whole time.

It’s less risky having the woman in ‘your’ house, but it’s still a risk being alone …and compounded if there’s any professional connection.

I’ve been told to keep my personal life personal, and my business life business …and preferably keep both situations away from anyone’s house. Few are sophisticated enough to maintain this level of separation, much less maintaining viable witnesses to the encounters, except maybe with VP Pence. IDK

Imagine this, the bird dog Sheryl did rehabs with her husband back when. She said she wud teach me, cept they got their properties from HUD and wer overpriced with little profit and with my skills finding these back burner fixers she wants to team up.
I still havnt made it to meet her. But she needs my help and she’s lonely. She’s young, brown skinned island girl from the Philippines. Oh no,
These island fems can get psychotic. I know, I’m married to one…
OK, shoot me now b4 it gets terminal. .

In this post-Cosby/Weinstein era, it’s not worth it. Virtually every day now I pick up the paper, I read about some guy getting accused of something and being sued or having his life destroyed and I suspect over half of them are accused falsely. I’m not gonna rehash some of nonsense I’ve been through. Kinda reminds me of the saying about landlording–no good deed goes unpunished… Don’t mix friends and business. If Cheryl invites you to her home, bring your wife along as your witness so you don’t get accused of anything.

Now that’s some good solid advice. However consider this, my wife takes care of the home and kids on a tropical island. I used to go there every year for 4-6 months but the last few trips the wife and I just co-existed and I was lucky to get the wild romp in the hay once a month.
The Rando luvs these petite brown skinned beauties, and this one is smart and luvs real estate, as a positive thinker, this cud be a friendship worth its weight in fun and profits. And what red blooded American horndog cud resist a 38 year old 105 pound island girl with long black hair, big brown eyes with flawless light brown skin.?.
Not this dog.

Come on, Randy. This woman either knows you’re married and is hustling you, or she doesn’t know, and you’re hustling her. Either way, there’s a hustle going on here.

Don’t sacrifice your reputation and standing for this empty candy wrapper. Instead, focus on the first girl, whom was looking past all your shortcomings, as the gem she is, and begin polishing that stone anew, until the shine comes back, and you both come off as glowing.

That’s all I’m gonna say. Out.

Wow, that was well said,

but as a student of human nature, I’ve discovered humans can justify anything.
You can steal a mans wife, cuz, he wasn’t treating her right.
You can steal money, cuz you needed it more than him.
You can even kill, he deserved to die.

I don’t have to reach far & deep into my bag of excuses. He’s just a weak pitiful human with the instincts of a rabid dog.

Listen to this, a hustle is right, were both out to hustle an opportunity, this girl needs my help and I need hers. She’s already been to the County records twice to get probate records. Nobody else wud do it, not even me.

Right now this is a friendship, a money making team out to secure some profits. If you want me to not get some extra pudding, your gonna have to tie me down;

My. 02 is bells can’t be un-rung and you can’t contain the noise but for so long.