He's getting aggressive. Nice guys finish last?

He’s getting aggressive. Nice guys finish last?

I’ve been reading books by Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie and Zig Zigler & others. One statement I read said a high percentage of his sales were after the client said no.

I admit, I’ve been too quick to say OK, call me if you change your mind.

Well, last week I got a call from a gentleman named Jeff, He says him and 2 brothers want to sell their diseased mothers house. I called him back with my offer, he agreed to my price and I emailed him my contract. Several days later I hadn’t received the signed contract back.

My buyer had called me 3 times wanting the property & at a substantial profit for me. I called Jeff and he was he hawing around & saying that another buyer offered the same amount and didn’t need to inspect the property and my contract had an inspection clause and he was worried I wud use that clause and waste him and his brothers time. He then tells me he will try to set up an inspection appointment for me.
And then says I’ll get back to you. I didn’t say goodbye and ther was a few seconds of dead silence.

I then tell him, I don’t need to inspect it, I’ll cross that out of the contract and not only that, I’ll put up a serious non refundable deposit. If I don’t buy you keep my money.
He still seemed to be he hawing, and said he wanted to talk to his brothers.

Jeff, I’m a serious buyer, I have cash and I’m ready to buy this house today. How bout we meet in 2 hours and get this done.

He agreed to meet me and I got the contract signed and this deal in escrow bcuz, I’m not the wishy washy guy I was before.

Interesting cuz Jeff and I are the same age, after he signed my contract he mentioned he had a Harley, I told him I just got one for xmas, and man o man, we talked and talked for over an hour.

Now, I’m worried of that fine line of being too aggressive and pushy. I’m sure there’s a point you don’t want to cross.

The old me might have lost this deal. I felt in charge, and it felt great.
Let’s make some MONEY…

At least the seller was honest enough to tell you he was shopping your offer. I try to undermine that crap, ‘before’ I make an offer.

That all reminds me why I don’t try to make friends with a seller, until he’s given me what I want. I can’t give him a purple nurple until he caves, if we’re having a moment.