He's a Hoarder with Chickens pigeons and dogs, Oh My!

About 6 months ago a lady named Alice called me on my CL ad. I have a house I wud like to sell. She described the house as being old and needing to be tore down. She tells me they need 50K The comps came in at 45K if it was in good condition. I offered 15K.
In the months that followed I wud occasionally Txt her and ask if she was ready to sell that house? Yes we are but we need 50K
Well, about a week ago she txts me and asks if I can do 20K I txt her back and tell her I can do $16K Cash. You want me to come over so we can wrap this deal up?
She had to think about it. Next day a very short txt, we can do the 16K. I jumped in my car and made the short 30 minute drive to a nearby rural town. It was a scene straight out of Sanford and son. Her 70 yr old husband was a hoarder. A half acre with barns, sheds, lean to’s, stacked full of junk like I had never seen. Even the roofs had crap on them. Narrow paths thru the property amongst chickens and dogs and hundreds of pigeons. There were old motor homes, boats, washing machines etc.
Next I asked to see the house. Low pitched roof with the rafter ends all rotten and serious water leaks. It had been 40 years an never any maintenance or repairs. Dark rooms with lights not working, and junk piled to the ceilings. The animal stench was thick.
We sat under a big shade tree and they signed my contract and I gave them $5 earnest deposit. They were a cute old couple, very friendly and even the half dozen dogs were friendly. I actually felt right at home as I grew up in similar environment.
As I drove off I wondered, will I be able to sell this Okie Hillbilly haven?
I called up my favorite buyer, this guy will buy anything. He never called back. I placed an ad in CL for 32K and was surprised to start getting calls within a few hours. One guy offered 20, then 22 then 24K and was pressuring me to sell to him. I told him if he can come up to 25 we might have a deal. The next guy, I told him, I think I got it sold for 25K. He says, will you take 26? I say, that just might work. The buyer asks, what if they leave all that junk there? I tell him. I guarantee they will, it comes with the deal.
We just started escrow yesterday. I’m not counting the money yet, but it sure looks like it’s going to happen.
Can you imagine making 10 Grand from a free ad you placed on Craig’s List and a risk of $5 earnest deposit? Somebody wake me up. I’m still getting calls.
It’s not my biggest wholesale deal, but its the easiest and fastest, sold this house in 24 hours and closing in 10 days. Let’s make some MONEY Rando

The take away here for me is that you kept track of this seller for six months…before you had a deal.

Good lesson for those thinking that these cream puff deals just fall off trees ‘every day.’ They do, but sometimes it takes six months for the fruit to ripen.

This kind of stories I like to hear. :slight_smile:

Great job Randoskie!

And really good point, Javipa! I almost don’t have dead leads unless they are literally dead. :biggrin

Ha! Well done. I bet your buyers are hoping to cash out on some old antique they hope is buried in the barn - like you see on those t.v. programs. Or maybe they will add to their profit through scrap metal. There could be some serious cash sitting in among the trash. Aren’t you glad that your not stuck “rehabbing” the place?

What tenacity can do.6 months of following up is not something most people would do. Thanks for sharing this very inspiring experience.

Picking up my check at the Title company was really exciting. I ripped open the envelope out in my car and snapped some photos. I’m sure there were people in traffic wondering why is that insane guy smiling like that. The Teller at my bank said ther would be a 2 day hold on it. NO prob I told her.

I’m renewing my passport, and am going to spend a few months with my family on the gorgeous tropical island of Bohol, where I have a nice house and about 5 acres of mangoes, bananas and avocadoes…
the first week I’m ther I’m thinking what am I doing in this hot humid insect infested hayhole. But soon I wind down and get into the island lifestyle. And then it’s a real difficult task to leave.
I’ll be back, ready for some more deals.